about me-souvik

Souvik - A Brief Introduction


Hey-ah it's about me, my name is Souvik. I had this crazy idea of starting this website. Currently, I am a working IT professional, working with the India's second largest IT exporter(by now I hope u have guessed the name 😛 ). I graduated from S'O'A University, Bhubaneswar. After completing my Bachelors I didn't have much time to decide on my career. The reason being early joining to the company who hand-picked me. After working for few years I realized that I wanted to do something for my community. I didn't have the needed courage to go door to door and offer any service. So I thought about it and one day I told myself why not serve the greatest community on Earth, the world wide web huh? Seems like a good idea.

The Website and Hobbies

I have a fondness for WordPress. Why? Since it's very interesting to learn and once you learn it, website building becomes easier and of course, it's open source and powers almost 25% of the internet. So, I started building this website, formulae stack during my leisure time. The goal is to develop one where there will be an abundance of information related to WordPress, Java coding, personal interview tips, and techniques But mostly as of now, I have planned to keep things like Technical and Non-Technical Blogs. Some articles on travels are also included(so that you can get lost in this amazing world while reading it 😀 ) and HR interview questions. Moreover, I look forward to expanding this where the sky is the limit. Well, that being said, as the saying goes "Rome was not built in a day" it will take a couple of years to make this site fly with its wings fully open. Besides WordPress, I love coding in Java and learning new and interesting stuff. Apart from this, I love reading blogs, watching movies, listening to songs(especially LP(#RIP Chester), Poets of the fall, Coldplay) and playing video games.

Lastly, I would like to thank all those people who believed in me and helped me in any way that was possible. Even if this idea of mine doesn't work out as expected,  at least if not much, I will end up learn something from here and share my learnings with other people out there. And yes, don't forget to check our latest and interesting blogs.

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