souvik maitra

Welcome to my portfolio. I'm currently a graduate student & TA at the University of Victoria studying Information Security and have more than 3 years of IT experience, primary skills are - implementation of Identity and Access management solutions based on CA Siteminder, Oracle Identity Manager and implementation of Enterprise Application using JAVA.


UVIC, Canada
Teaching Assistant
Infosys Limited, India
Senior System Engineer
Doordarshan & All India Radio, India
Telecom Intern
Vodafone East Ltd., India
Telecom Intern


University of Victoria
MEng. Telecommunication and Information Security
S'O'A University
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering


Programming and Scripting
Oracle Identity Manager
Protocols and Databases
Oracle 10g



uvic souvik maitra

  • Implementation of text classification in Java using the multinomial model and also calculating accuracy.

infosys souvik maitra

  • Languages required for development: JAVA/J2EE, JSP, Bootstrap, JQuery.
  • As a part of IDAM, developing a two-phase login form in order to reduce brute force attacks.
  • Developing a strong password policy in order to enforce stronger user-controlled passwords that are less likely to be broken.
  • Validating the password policy with the password entered by the user in Real-time and displaying the messages.
  • Developing the user interface to suit different viewports and methods to fetch multiple user attributes, and find a user with Email from LDAP database.
  • Developing a filter to intercept requests and clean request and header parameters to prevent from cross-site scripting(XSS), link injection and phishing through frames.
  • Integration of the login application with OIM and developing Java Client along with handling appropriate error scenarios to be able to talk with OIM web service in order to: -
    • Retrieve challenge questions of users from OIM.
    • Update challenge answers of users to OIM.
    • Update user password to OIM on successful password change.
    • Validate challenge responses entered by users.
    • Trigger email to send users their answers to challenge questions in case they don’t remember them.
  • Integration of the login application with OAM replacing SiteMinder as the former is mandatory for EBS integration along with performing different logical operations by extracting the values of ‘authn_try_count’ (invalid user login attempt), ‘resource_url’ (target Url), ‘p_error_code’ (error codes) cookies received from OAM and displaying appropriate error messages to user based on error codes.
  • Developing a Restful web service using Jersey to perform CRUD operations to LDAP, mapping user DN to group DN as a unique member, deleting user DN from groups.
  • Attend tickets created by end users and provide immediate and efficient action on them.
  • Monitor servers, unfinished OIM tasks, failed jobs run and failed access requests regularly.
  • Create weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports on support status and activities performed.
  • Assist users on the various functionalities of OIM like raising access requests, approving requests, create and approve certifications, create FAQs and user guides for the same.

DD souvik maitra

  • Introduction to satellites and how they work, factors of satellite communication along with its advantage and disadvantage, satellite orbits and concepts of TDMA and FDMA, a brief idea about Satellite Television and Earth Station and Dsng.

vodafone souvik maitra

  • Familiarizing with telecom technologies and architecture, introduction to GSM system, Mobile Station and Base Transceiver Station and its components, concepts of In-Building Cellular Solution and Frequency Reuse.


  1. Recognition from client organization, Cummins Inc, expressing outstanding performance in the project. - August 2017.


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