The Bliss of Assam and Meghalaya

Both Meghalaya and Assam are north eastern hilly states of India & have their own scenic beauty. In the year 2013 during a vacation, I visited those places. However, Due to stringent timelines, we couldn’t visit all the places but tried to cover the best ones.

Guwahati, the largest city in Assam, is the gateway to the northeast. The city is spread along the banks of Brahmaputra river. Guwahati is often known as the city of temples. The most sacred one is a Hindu temple, named Kamakhya. It’s one of the 108 Shakti Piths. There we saw many devotees who were taking bathe in a sacred pond and offering prayers and seeking blessings from the Hindu Goddess.

From there we drove to our main attraction point-Kaziranga, National Park. Kaziranga is home to the highest density of tigers, elephants, wild buffaloes, deer, and birds. Also, it hosts two-third of the world’s great one horned rhinos. Furthermore, the forest department conducts both Jeep safari and elephant safari to the visitors to get a glimpse of the forest. I would recommend having an elephant safari. It’s a must. This safari will take you to the border of the inner core of the jungle through elephant grass it's a very thrilling and exciting experience. And the only way one can take some cool pictures of the one horned rhinos is through the elephant safari where the elephant takes you near the rhinos to take some good pictures.

assam one-horned rhino

One-horned rhino

assam nohkalikai fall

Nohkalikhai Falls

The next stop was Shillong. It is the capital of Meghalaya, known as “abode of clouds”. There are many scenic attractions in and around Shillong like Shillong peak, Mawamai caves, Nohkalikai falls in Cherrapunji which is the India's tallest plunge/highest waterfall with a height of 340 meters.

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