The Charming Adventure of Andaman Island

In the year 2007, I visited Andaman Island with my family. Though it’s been a long time back, still the memories didn’t fade away. Andaman and Nicober consist of many small islands situated in the Bay of Bengal. Among them, Port Blair is the largest and the capital of Andaman Island and Nicobar islands. There are many historical places to visit but among them, the cellular jail is the most noteworthy place.

The Cellular Jail

The cellular jail was the colonial prison of the then British Government who used to exile the political prisoners which mainly includes the Indian freedom fighters. Moreover, the jail tour guide showed a cell where Veer Savarkar, a Hindu pre-independence activist used to stay in prison. The cell was confined with three walls and a stone cage like a rod. There was a small window on one of the walls from where the sunlight could hardly enter the room. The architecture of the cellular jail is very interesting. It has seven wings but all are connected to a central point from where the guards used to keep a strict vigilance to all the cells of the wings. The guide also showed us a point where many freedom fighters were hanged to death.


Andaman island cellular jail

Cellular Jail - Andaman Island


Andaman Island-ross island

A historic secret passage - Ross Island
Other Tourist Spot

Apart from cellular jail, there are some tourist spots like Chatham saw mill, marine museum, Ross Island, Baratang Island etc. We rode a water taxi to visit the Ross Island. In Ross Island, one can find many deer, historic church and many graveyards. In the Baratang Island, some of the main attractions are the Mud volcano which is a semi-active volcanic place and the limestone cave. The mud volcano might disappoint certain people since it is not an active volcano rather people would see two or three holes on a little bit height from the level, where from some mud bubbles evolve within a time gap of one or two minutes.

Some more Interesting Places

The most interesting creature in Andaman was Jarawa, native to Andaman. They are a typical tribe found in the forests of Andaman and one would see them during their course of the journey to Baratang Island. Don’t know exactly whether they do still exist there but we were lucky to see them. These people are now becoming literate and are working for the Government. In those days they used to live in dense forest, used to wear leaves as their clothes and used to feed upon animals and fruits.


andaman island mud volcano

Mud volcano - Baratang

The Havelock island was one of the islands which we visited through ferry. The Radhanagar beach was beautiful with white sandy beaches and lusty green forests. I would recommend one must take 1 or 2 days halt here to get the view of the natural paradise.

Another island which we visited is the north bay Island. It is also called the coral island. There are many water sports activities and entertainment is being performed like scuba diving, snorkeling etc. Visitors also can get a good picture of the corals through a glass bottomed boat. The boat will take you to those coral reefs and one can get a beautiful view of the different colored corals present under the water.

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