Java Beginner - Introduction

Welcome to "Java beginner", where anybody can learn java and start with their initial programmer life. First of all, there are no pre-requisites to this course. And by this, I mean even if you have never coded in your life still at least by the first half of the tutorial you will be able to code your own logic and programs. Most noteworthy, this tutorial is especially dedicated to those people who are afraid of codes and are not able to understand the logic. I will try my very best to make each and every topic as clear and transparent as I can. With that said, I hope you will learn something out of this tutorial and most importantly do not overstress yourself. Enjoy!

Java - Introduction

Before hopping over to what Java is let us get a brief picture of what software is.

  • When a collection of programs has a common goal it's called software.
  • All application software depends on system software to execute.
  • The software that neither takes request from end user nor gives any response to the end user but always interact with application software is known as system software.
  • The software which always interacts with the end user and system is called application software.

For Ex: User interacts with the media player to listen to a song and requests for the same. The media player then interacts with the sound driver and responds back to the end user. Thus, the end user is able to listen to the song, the user requested for.

Java beginner application and system software

Java is an object oriented programing language and computing platform which was the product of Sun Micro System(now owned by Oracle Corporation) released in 1995. Java can't be used to develop any system software.

  • Developed by James Gosling.
  • 1st Version was JDK 1.0 (January 1996).
  • Latest version JDK 1.8 (March 2014).
  • The previous name of Java was OAK.
  • Dignified certification/ recognition obtained by one having sound knowledge in Java is OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Programmer).
  • A folder having a set of java files is called package.

Did you know?

The slogan of Java is WORA (write once run anywhere). Means a compiled Java code can be run on any Java supported platform without any recompilation.

Java editions and usability

Java beginner - Java editions

Features of Java

  1. Open source
  2. Platform independent.
  3. Object-oriented.
  4. Simple.
  5. Automatic memory management.
  6. Garbage collection is done automatically.
  7. Exception handling.
  8. Distributed.
  9. Robust.

Did you know?

Command prompt(cmd) is the input/output stream of Windows operating system and Terminal is the input/output stream of Linux.

Javac is the compiler used in Java programming language. It reads the source file, i.e the files that are written in Java like and compiles them to .class files or bytecode like somefile.class. The .class file is run or executed for output.

Moreover, conversion from .class file to source file is possible in Java. The same can be achieved with the help of jd(Javad compiler).