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How to Categorize Your Website in Fortinet Database?

Fortinet website categorization-The Problem

It is a common problem for many of the novice bloggers who open their new website/blog site, however, finds out that their site is not accessible in their organization's network where they work or study. Sometimes this might be so tempting even though your website does not contain any illicit materials and search engines like Google and Bing lists your site on their search result still when you click on it all you can see is "Website Blocked!!" message. If you remember I already wrote a similar post on how to categorize your website especially for Bluecoat, Symantec firewall.

The difference between former one and this one is, the former post mainly focused on Bluecoat however this one is regarding Fortinet. Fortinet is one of the leading cyber security company that provides security services like a firewall to other organizations. Other organizations use their services to protect themselves from any malicious attacks.

The Solution

Now that we have a clear picture of what we are about to discuss let me kick start it by saying that whenever you are not able to find any URL for categorization of website for a particular company the last thing you can do is contact the support directly. For Fortinet, the link to contact their support is here.

The website contains a simple contact form, be sure to explain your issue as clearly as possible. For further assistance or more queries, you can contact their support through live chat, thanks to their facilities. But you will have to submit your details via the contact form as mentioned earlier to evaluate your website and categorize it. Either way, you can also check your website rating and submit you URL for re-categorization from here. To learn more about the different categories available check here. Below is the screenshot provided for checking categorization of website

Fortinet website categorization fortinet firewall

You can click on "Click here" to submit your website URL for re-categorization. After you are done with the contact form, allow a minimum of 6 hours for them to respond. Below is a sample response email that I received when I did my website's categorization.

Fortinet website categorization website category

After your categorization is done the next most important thing, if your website still does not open is whether your administrator has set the web filtering policy to block that particular category evaluated by Fortinet. In this case, you will have to get in touch with your admin. For my case, however, they have set the category to "Personal Websites and Blogs."

That's it. I hope this helps. If you like it please share and comment below. And don't forget to check our other articles.

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