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Contact, Come write for us and we will pay you. Yeah, it's true!! and you will get paid with respect to your blog content and length. In addition, for an article length of 500-800 words, we will pay you $ 5, a length of 800+ would fetch you $10. Here the length of words refers to the word count. Although you are welcome to write on any topic, please do not write anything related to political, controversial or anything that gives rise to any kind of discrimination.

Moreover, we treat everyone equally and love peace. Please do not waste your time by submitting a copied content. Since each and every content will pass through rigorous plagiarism before we accept it. Once your content is accepted you will receive a confirmation Email from us within 3-5 days and asked for payment option. We will process the payment within 2 days after you provide the payment details.

Please submit your contents using the contact form present on this page. Also, you can contact us on the below number in case of urgency.

Phone: +91 7008484244

NB: Please DO NOT call on the provided number unless it's urgent. We appreciate communications via Email. All communications related to formulaestack must be done using the contact form. We would not entertain any unnecessary communication.


We would prefer to pay out to bank accounts, Paypal accounts, authentic Paytm numbers(authentic Paytm numbers are those which are registered in your name and not on anything else and your name must show up while processing payment). After every payment, we will send out an Email to your Email ID along with the valid receipt. We hope to see you soon. And yes, for every month we have a quota i.e limit of accepting 15 articles for publishing as posts beyond which we will keep the rest articles in a queue and no evaluations are done for acceptance. The same is carried out in the very next month and acceptance Email will be sent if applicable. Don't worry if you missed sending your article for a particular month simply try for the next months. Please check our blogs to know what kind of article we are expecting.

For bank accounts provide the account number, IFSC code and full name of the account holder as mentioned in the bank. For paytm provide the registered number and for Paypal please provide your registered email or phone number.

Note: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide correct payment information and we will not be responsible for any mispayments unless the problem is from our side.



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