Best Web Hosting Service: After 5 Months of Journey

Importance of Webhosting Services

Choosing the correct web hosting is one of the most important steps while setting up your website. Things get more complicated when we search on the internet for best web hosting service and we land on getting tens and hundreds of them. Moreover, there are also many hosting advice companies who ranks the web hosting companies with respect to different parameters like uptime, affordability, customer support etc. Now the problem lies here, those different sites claim different web hosting companies to be the best of all. Some of the giants whose names are common are Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, Godaddy etc. are ones present in almost all advising websites. But which one to choose? Will the company I choose to give me the service I expect? These are the common questions that linger in everyone’s mind when starting a new website and the same happened to me too as there is an investment involved. And even though all of the hosting companies have a money back guarantee, you don’t wanna roam around from one company to another throughout the year instead of settling and focusing on contents of your website.

I was in the same boat once, months ago thinking which one to go for, however, one thing I knew in me was that I didn’t want to make a switch once I start with one web hosting service as transferring your domain and website to other web hosting provider is a hectic job and the hosting service provided by the company should be affordable along with decent customer support. So, I researched the web for around a month trying to learn about the pros and cons of different web hosting services and ended up learning something good.

Introduction to FastComet - Probably the Best Web Hosting Service

As I was exploring the web for best web hosting service I learned that certain large companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy does not offer the same quality of service to all parts of the world. For instance, Hostgator has an awesome customer service in the US, however, the one for India sucks. So, in that course of the journey, I encountered some web hosting services that are undervalued but offers excellent services and FastComet was one of them. People all around the world are more or less satisfied with their services.

Pros of Using FastComet

  1. Well-tailored programs: You would find the best program to buy as per your need.
  2. Affordable: Their price might not be the cheapest in the market but tends to be cheaper than most of the other hosting services.
  3. Free Domain: Believe it or not it’s true. They don’t charge a single penny for your domain. Moreover, its free for lifetime. So, you can save some money.
  4. SSD coupled databases: Disk drives have a major impact on data transfer from your browser to the database and vice versa. And SSDs are way faster than HDD in terms of data transfer.
  5. Free SSL Certificate: They provide the basic let’s encrypt SSL which assures the visitors that this site is a secure HTTP site.
  6. Cloudflare CDN Integration: CDN stands for Content Delivery Networks, which stores static information of your website in their servers at all data centres around the worlds making it faster for the visitor to fetch the information in their browser thus decreasing load times of websites.
  7. 24/7 Customer Support: Customer support is probably the most important thing one should look at before buying any service from any organization. Because if you are stuck somewhere they are the only one to help you. A bad customer support can create havoc rough and bad experiences. This is where I believe FastComet outperforms any other services it provides. They literally have an out of the world customer support which is difficult to express in words. I was simply moved and amazed by their unbelievable work and dedication towards maintaining customer satisfaction. They are very prompt, reply to a ticket usually takes somewhere from 2 – 15 minutes. Many times they went out of the way and provided help and support to fix things which I was struggling with. Literally, they have the ability to spoon feed their customers 🙂
  8. Automatic backups: This is also one of the great features that they have. Auto backup saves you in times of disasters.
  9. Live Chats: They also have live chats to address any quick issues.

Cons of Using FastComet

Haven’t found out yet till now. Will update once I receive one.

Quick Comparison of FastComet with other Hosting Services

fastcomet- best web hosting service


I have bought their services for a tenure of 3 years and haven’t regretted yet, hopefully, I won’t ever. It is utmost important for any people to research all the services provided by any hosting companies and read real user reviews and experiences rather than simply reading what some expert advises and then take your decision. Don’t forget that it’s your hard earned money that you are investing so, do your diligence.

If you are satisfied with my experience and feel confident in starting a journey and taking the leap of faith with FastComet then use the below link to sign up.

Disclaimer: I have neither been endorsed by FastComet nor have any other party paid me to write the review. This, what I wrote is absolutely my personal experience that I gained over the months of usage of this service.

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