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Hello, my name is Souvik and I welcome you to formulae stack. Formulae stack was created to help people with information related to coding, computer, and IT knowledge. Added to that we look forward to also introduce questions and answers mostly asked during the HR interview of common IT service companies to the Bachelor freshers to simplify difficulties for people out there without charging a single penny. We have also planned to introduce some simple tutorials on Java, "the short and simple java". This, I hope will ease the pain and increase the interests of people struggling with concepts of coding. With that in mind, I expect people to enjoy this journey and most importantly don't over stress yourself. To know more click on ABOUT.

Afraid of learning Java? Well, not anymore. Learn Java the simplest and easiest way possible using the "Java Beginner" tutorial. Probably the simplest tutorial for core/basic Java for any layman. No pre-requisites, no pre-coding knowledge required.